Recent Case Results

Below are a sample of recent case results.  I add these every six months or so due to the fact we're busy representing clients.

05/15/19 - State. vs. Andrew P.

Facts:  DUI charge with a .14% BAC. Defendant was driving over 100 MPH with alcohol in his system and was from out of state.  While he waited for his case to be filed, his military unit deployed.  Of course, while on deployment, he gets notice that his case is filed in court. 

Attorney  Simmons went ot court on his behalf and made sure that no warrant was issued, negotiate the dismissal of the DUI charge so that the client didn't have to go back and forth in court.

Results: DUI charges dismissed.

05/15/19 - State vs. Ricky A.

Facts:  Really bad back to back DUI charges.  Defendant was on probation for his first offense DUI out of King County, was arrested for a 2nd offense while on probation and with a suspended license and a .14% BAC.  If that wasn't enough, the then was arrested for .11 % DUI with drugs 3rd offense DUI out of King County.  In total, he faced a minimum of 8 months jail for all charges.

Results:  ZERO JAIL ON ALL CHARGES. Client was extremely happy.

05/14/19 State vs. Jose G.

Facts:  .14% BAC DUI charged. Client was worried about his job as a driver.

Results:  Zero Suspension and DUI charges dismissed!

03/13/19 - State vs. Matt A.

Facts:  2nd DUI offender in Kitsap County, Washington.  Client was on probation for prior DUI offense out of Bremerton.  Client not only faced Jail for the 2nd DUI charge, he also faced jail for the motion to revoke.

Results:  No Jail. DUI Dismissed.

02/14/19 - State vs. J.H.

Facts:  Defendant was driving too fast and erratically. This DUI dismissal was out of Seattle Municipal court.  Stopped for DUI.  BAC .13%.

Results:  DUI Charges Dismissed

02/06/19 - State vs. Tyler S.

Facts:  Defendant charged with a DUI with a .14% bac out of Seattle District Court, King County.

Results: All DUI Charges Dismissed

02/03/19 - State vs. Kyle

Facts:   Defendant arrested for DUI offense without a chemical test reading out of Seattle District Court, King County.  He faced jail time.  Ultimately, case resolved for a non-alcohol related reckless driving.

Results:  DUI Charges Dismissed.

01/10/19 - State vs. C.J.

Facts:  Client was arrested for DUI with a .14/.15 BAC.  Client was visibly intoxicated, couldn't stated.  Prosecution wanted jail.  Attorney Simmons was able to get the case dismissed.  NO DUI Charges.

Result:  DUI Charges DISMISSED - Client was very happy.

09/20/18 - State vs. James R.

Facts:  Defendant arrested for a .14 BAC DUI while visiting.  Attorney Simmons was able to change the court date and resolve the case for a dismissal of the DUI charges.

Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed.

State vs. R.

DUI with .12% BAC.  Client from out of state.  DUI charges dismissed. Case resolved for a pretrial diversion agreement out of Port Orchard Court, Kitsap County.

State vs. Aaron R.

3rd Offense DUI.  Defendant faced 180+ days jail.  CASE DISMISSED. NO Fines, No Jail, No Program, Complete Dismissal

State vs. Chaz S.

DUI with an accident and a .19 BAC.  Prosecutor wanted 10 days jail on this first offense DUI.  Despite the blood alcohol being well over 2x the legal limit, case ultimately resolved for a Negligent Driving in the first Degree.

State vs. Raymond G.

Defendant was driving with a blood alcohol level of .17% BAC.  He hit a utility pole, fled the scene, nearly hit pedestrian and then hit his bike, and again, fled the scene.  Defendant was charged with 2 counts of Hit and Run as well as DUI.  Case ultimately resolved for a Negligent Operator in the first degree.

State vs. Adam G

DUI charge with a blood alcohol level well above the legal limit.  Case resolved for a Negligent Driving in the 1st Degree

State vs. Christina

A. DUI Charges Dismiss, Case Reduced

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