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Are you looking for a Port Orchard DUI attorney? Are you concerned about the consequences of a DUI in Port Orchard?  Are you afraid at the possible jail time associated with your recent Port Orchard DUI arrest?  Is the process of a obtaining a DUI attorney in Port Orchard overwhelming?  At Aspen Law Group, We understand how you feel and are committed in answering your questions and quelling your fears.  Call us at 866-306-5306 to speak to a Port Orchard DUI lawyer.  All consultations are free and highly informative.

About Our Reputation

Our reputation in both the Port Orchard Municipal and Port Orchard District Court is impeccable.  Attorney Simmons has personally resolved hundreds of DUIs in Port Orchard court without her clients having to suffer jail.   She personally knows the prosecutors, court support staff, jail staff, and other defense attorneys out of this court and uses these contacts to obtain the absolute best for her clients.  Call 866-306-5306 to speak with Attorney Simmons today.


Consequences to a First Offense DUI In Port Orchard

Consequences to a DUI arrest in port orchard are very harsh.  Right now, there is one specific Port Orchard prosecutor who is assigned all the DUI cases and they want jail even on a first offense DUI.  In order to keep you out of jail, you out jail, your Port Orchard DUI attorney will need to know how to avoid this prosecutor to get you the best possible outcome for your DUI cases.


Consequences to a 1st Offense DUI in Port Orchard
  • Jail - Up to 1 year

  • Defensive Driving Program

  • MADD Victim Impact Panel

  • Fines up to $5,0000

  • Chemical Dependency Program

  • Possible Behavioral Health Program

  • Ignition Interlock Device

  • 5 years probation

  • Drivers License Suspension

The Department of Licensing Process

You have 20 days from the day you were arrested to have your attorney to contact the Department of Licensing (DOL) to request a hearing. In order to be eligible for a hearing, you must pay the DOL a fee of $375 dollars.  If you fail to contact the DOL within 20 days of your arrest, your license will suspend. 


Considering the DOL process is a legal proceeding, it's best for your attorney to contact the DOL on your behalf to request a hearing.

The Aspen Law Group

Aspen Law Group only focuses on vehicle related issues like DUI and the Department of Licensing hearings.  We have done thousands of DUI cases that have resulted in successful outcomes on behalf of our clients.

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