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Are you looking for a King County DUI attorney?  Aspen Law Group is located in King County and specifically focuses on automotive legal issues, primarily DUI.


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Aspen law group is personalized DUI law firm in King County and licensed in both California and Washington State.  We've represented thousand of DUI cases with successful outcomes and have one of the best DUI dismissal rates in the state. 

We handle All King County Courts for DUI cases including Seattle, Auburn, Redmond, Kent, Burien, Kirkland, and Auburn.

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Consequences to a First DUI in King County

If you were recently arrested for a first offense DUI in King County, Washington, your consequences may include


  • 1-364 days in Jail

  • Mandatory Chemical Dependency Program

  • Possible Defensive Driving Class

  • Ignition Interlock Device

  • Fines up to $5000

  • Possible House Arrest

  • 5 Years of Probation

  • 2 Points on your Driving Record

  • Misdemeanor DUI conviction.

With a DUI attorney, you can mitigate some if not all of these consequences, or depending on case facts, get them entirely dismissed.  There are programs for first offenders that, with the right King County DUI attorney, can ensure dismissal of your case. 

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Department of Licensing Consequences

You should be aware that for every King County DUI you have 7 days from the day you were arrested to contact the Department of Licensing (DOL) to request a hearing.  The fee for this hearing is $375 dollars.  Failure to contact DOL within 7 days will result in a suspension of your license.  How long the suspension is will depend on the facts of your case and if this is a first offense DUI or a multiple offense DUI.  Speak with an attorney for further information.


Consequences to a 2nd DUI in King County, Washington

A second offense DUI is a very serious crime in King County Washington.  At arraignment, the prosecutor most certainly will ask for bail.   Bail can be as high as 100k.  If you are unable to post bail, you will be taken into custody (jail) at that time.  Having an experienced litigator to argue legal issues regarding bail on your behalf is key to ensure a lower bail amount.  Call us at 866-206-5306 for further information.


In addition to bail, there is a mandatory 30 days jail for a second offense DUI in King County.  However, with an experienced King County DUI lawyer, negotiations can be made to avoid jail in most circumstances.  Consequences for a 2nd DUI include:


  • 30-364 Days Jail

  • Mandatory Ignition Interlock Device

  • Fines

  • Alcohol Program

  • Defensive Driving Program

  • 5 Years Probation

  • Mandatory House arrest

  • License Suspension up to 2 years


Don't take a chance, contact an experienced King County DUI attorney for more information as to how to avoid the consequences to a second DUI in King County.  Attorney Simmons has negotiated no jail for hundreds of 2nd DUI cases so not all hope is lost.    Call us at 866-306-5306 for more information.

Consequences for a 3rd DUI in King County

Much like a 2nd DUI, a third offense DUI in King County is a very serious offense.  There's mandatory jail on all 3rd DUIs of 90 days MINIMUM along with house arrest, bail and various other consequences; however, not all hope is lost.  With the right attorney, you can avoid jail.  Attorney Simmons has negotiated no jail for hundreds of third offense DUIs.  Call her at 866-306-5306 for further information

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